Nothing OS 1.5.3 brings support for upcoming Ear (2) on Phone (1): Details

Nothing OS 1.5.3 brings support for upcoming Ear (2) on Phone (1): Details


UK-based consumer technology start-up has rolled out a new software update for its Phone (1) smartphone. Named OS 1.5.3, the software update is based on 13 operating system, which was rolled out for the Phone (1) last month with the OS 1.5 update. Among other things, the new update enables support for Nothing’s upcoming Ear (2) wireless earbuds.

Nothing announced the OS 1.5.3 update release on its official Twitter handle. The rollout has begun and will reach all Phone (1) users in the next couple of days, said the company in a tweet. Enjoy faster app loading speeds, improved battery life. And lots more. – the tweet added.

The Nothing OS 1.5.3 brings new features besides fixes for bugs and interface inconsistencies. The update enables users to manually add games to Game Mode while ensuring smoother animations in the pop-up views. It is said to improve the transition between the lock screen and Always-on Display (AOD).

The update introduces a new memory management algorithm, which is said to reduce app restart time by over 35 per cent. It is also said to ease up CPU consumption, which is likely to enhance overall battery life.

Additionally, the latest Nothing OS 1.5.3 update fixes bugs, including the abnormal activation of Night Light mode in certain situations, flashing charging prompts on the AOD screen, freeze issues while watching YouTube videos, and weather data not showing up on the Quick Look widget.


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