Customer feedback on Tri-Luma Cream for treating melasma

Customer feedback on Tri-Luma Cream for treating melasma

“I have very minor sun damage, and my skin was just starting to appear drab and worn out. I take care of my skin, shed regularly, and moisturize. Yet since I’m in my mid-forties, my composition didn’t seem to be as “fresh” as it once did. Welcome, Tri-Luma Cream! My PCP suggested I start using this product, so I did. He recommended Tri-Luma Cream since he felt that I needed more damage or problems to justify strips or other unusual treatment options. In addition, I should mention that my face looks amazing right after taking a few medications.

I’m so happy that such a thing exists. I recommend it. Also, the cost is negligible in comparison to what you may spend on facials, strips, and other arbitrarily high-priced beauty products.  “I have never written a review for a product before, and I belong to the group of people who recently tried another treatment option for melasma, viewing hydroquinone products as a last resort. I’ve spent close to $300 trying to rid myself of the melasma mustache that I acquired from a combination of birth control pills and sun exposure. After speaking with a doctor, my preconceptions about hydroquinone were dispelled, and I started using Tri-Luma Cream. After SEVEN DAYS, my melasma has essentially disappeared. I couldn’t have been more grateful. Get off-birth influence immediately, exercise stringent sun protection, and don’t be afraid of hydroquinone are my recommendations:)”

“I’m not a blogger by any means, but I feel compelled to do this survey since I know there are countless other women who, like myself, suffer from the negative effects of persistent melasma. I have been dealing with nasty dull spots on my cheeks and upper lip for about two years now. This is due to contraception, which I stopped using after realizing that my thought process was incorrect and that sunspots were a bad side effect of birth control pills. After several trips to multiple doctors’ offices and a lot of ineffective prescription and over-the-counter medications (including Tretionin), my last and most understanding dermatologist prescribed Tri-Luma Cream. Although this isn’t a cure, my spots are gone in less than ten days.

“I’ve been gradually noticing spots on my cheeks and my nose due to hormonal fluctuations and low levels of melanin. I used various L-ascorbic acid serums as well as other over-the-counter pain relievers. They merely made insignificant advancements and seemed to look for chances to do nothing. The Tri-Luma Cream (I paid $107.20 for it with a discount card; I believe it was originally $148.99) needs a solution and is not protected by insurance. Indeed, it is pricey, but after using it, I can attest that it is worthwhile! After the first night of use and after each subsequent night, I saw less obscurity and spotting. At this stage, after four evenings of my involvement, the splotches are completely blurred. Amazing!”

“I’ve spent a fortune on over-the-counter skin calming treatments to treat my moderate to severe melasma. Only Tri-Luma Cream has made an effort to treat this unsightly skin problem. As soon as I used it, my friends noticed. I can tell that it is a fantastic product and will function in the presence of hyperpigmentation, sun spots, spots, or melasma even if it is expensive and requires a solution. I wholeheartedly endorse this product, but keep in mind that the first few applications are when it will be most effective. To start, use a thin layer and use daily.”

James Clarkson